Restorative Dental Services in Delta

Our Delta dentist offers a range of restorative dental services including fillings, bridges, crowns, dentures, gum therapy, and root canals.

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Restorative Dental Services, Delta Dentist

What is Restorative Dental Care?

Teeth may start to show years of wear, or be impacted by disease or injury. This is where restorative dental care comes in; this aspect of dental care encompasses any procedure that aims to restore the normal function and appearance of your smile. 

By fixing structural problems such as missing or blemished teeth, our dentist can help restore your smile – and your oral health. 

Depending on your problem, our dentist at North Delta Dental Professionals will determine the right restorative treatment option for you. 

Dental Crowns in Delta

Crowns help to restore discoloured or stained teeth to their natural appearance. These porcelain caps are placed on top of teeth, then used to cover dental implants, prevent a cracked tooth from worsening or to attach bridges. 

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Dental Bridges in Delta

We replace a section of missing teeth by bonding bridges to existing teeth or dental implants. These custom-made, natural-looking tooth replacements can restore the bite between upper and lower teeth, as well as the natural contour of teeth. 

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Dental Fillings in Delta

Fillings are used to repair cavities or tooth damage, such as cracks. While composite (tooth-coloured) porcelain fillings can tolerate moderate pressure from the continual stress of chewing and are typically used on front and back teeth as they blend in with natural teeth, silver amalgam fillings are even more durable so they are less likely to break than other materials.

However, they are usually reserved for back teeth due to their appearance. Silver amalgam fillings are more economical. 

Partial Dentures in Delta

Partial dentures are artificial teeth that can replace either one missing tooth or numerous consecutive teeth. The denture can prevent other natural teeth from becoming misaligned, allowing patients to maintain their facial structure, and to talk and chew properly.

These removable dentures usually consist of replacement teeth attached to a pink-coloured plastic base connected by a metal framework, which holds the denture in place in a patient's mouth. 

Inlays & Onlays in Delta

Sometimes, damage is too severe to be remedied with a standard dental filling. In these cases, we use inlays and onlays – tooth-coloured porcelain fillings that are custom-made in a dental laboratory, then permanently cemented to a patient's tooth as a single piece. 

Root Canals in Delta

During a root canal, your dentist removes diseased blood vessels, tissues and nerves from inside your tooth. By eliminating bacteria and decay, your dentist can help stop infection from spreading and prevent the need for an extraction. 

Periodontal (Gum) Therapy in Delta

Gum disease can infect tissues in a patient's mouth, including the gums, gingiva, periodontal ligament, cementum and alveolar bone. If your dentist catches the disease in its early stages, preventive therapy will be recommended. Otherwise, treatment methods will vary depending on the severity and type of disease. 

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